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SB23-034: Definition of Serious Bodily Injury

This bill amends the definition of "serious bodily injury" to include: bodily injury that, either at the time of the actual injury or at a later time, involves substantial risk specifically associated with the type of injury sustained by the victim or intended by the perpetrator including: firearm wounds, knife wounds, and second or third degree burns. This expands the definition of serious bodily injury so victims can get the care and justice they deserve.

The General Assembly must return to a statutory definition of "serious bodily injury" in the criminal code so that serious bodily injury and risky conduct committed by a defendant (e.g., stabbing another or discharging a firm arm into a person's body) will still be prosecuted at the level consistent with the danger those actions pose to the community, despite the physical outcomes.

A "bad shot" or "lucky stab" should not result in lesser charges. 

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